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Anyone that has broken any component of their new iPhone 5 knows the hassle of getting it fixed can be quite hefty. The Apple Retail store isn’t very helpful, and they usually will just attempt to sell you a refurbished phone and leave you to backup your information on your own. In recent months with the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C, local third party repair options have definitely become more popular. Most components that are prone to breaking on your device can be repaired by computer repair shops, however there are some issues you should be aware of before you hand over your phone.

Issues With Third Party iPhone Repair in Montreal

Probably the biggest issue you should be aware of is the quality of parts used in your repair. Not all iPhone replacement LCD’s are created equal and you’re not doing yourself any favours by letting a low quality part get installed on your phone. The best way we can recommend avoiding this problem is to make sure you only go to a local iPhone repair shop with positive reviews.

You’ll also want to be aware that there are some data issues you should know about when bringing in your phone to get fixed. Your contacts, photo’s, video’s and other data is generally safe unless you have some water damage issues which effects the main logic board and memory module. With that said, most third-party repair shops will have you sign a waiver that releases them of responsibility for data loss. But as mentioned, simply replacing a cracked iPhone screen has no effect on the data stored on the device.

Finally, price is always an issue, that’s why we recommend checking out their website for full pricing details and it’s important that you understand why the prices you see out in Montreal fluctuate so much. When a new device comes out, such as the iPhone 5C, replacement screens, the price is quite high due to there not being very many suppliers and manufacturers of the specific part. This is often why you see initial repair prices upwards of $200, and a few weeks later the same repair will be around $100. If you can afford to wait, the market may turn in your favour and you can get your phone fixed cheaper.

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Bringing in your iPhone 4 or 5 for any type of hardware repair can be a lot like going to the dentist – you really might not know what to expect and this can lead to more confusion than is necessary. While most iPhone hardware repairs aren’t really as complicated as many people think. There are tons of tutorials online that can teach you how to repair and diagnose almost any issue you can find yourself with. Some of the most common issues you can find someone to repair include the following;

Commonly, people have most of the same main questions when it comes to getting their phone repaired – “How long will it take?” and “Do I need to backup my phone?” are some of the most common. First, the length of time it will take for your specific repair depends heavily on the qualified iPhone repair shop you choose to go with and the general difficulty required to execute the repair. For basic cracked or smashed screen replacement, you can find places in Calgary that will have your iPhone 4/5 up and running in as little as 1 hour. On the other hand, if damage is extensive and requires diagnostic work to find out the real problem such as the case is with water damage, you’re better off leaving it for a few hours or even the day.

Keep in mind that quick service isn’t everything when it comes to finding the right iPhone repair service in Calgary. You’re also going to want to factor in the quality of parts they use as well as their past customer reviews. With tutorials online everywhere, and parts readily available, it can be pretty easy for any kid to claim they can fix your phone, when in fact they will likely to fail fixing a cracked LCD screen.

Secondly, the need to backup your data or pertinent app data is not really necessary with any hardware replacement.  Memory and hard drive contents for your iPhone 5 is not touched at all for most cracked LCD screen repair. Save yourself some time and just get your iPhone fixed today in Calgary without backing up your entire phone!