7 Popular Wood Species Used To Make Hardwood Floors

If most people had the opportunity, they would choose hardwood flooring as the first option for their homes. There is a reason hardwood flooring has overall been the most popular flooring option for at least a hundred years. It is prestigious, durable and beautiful, what’s not to like?

In this piece, we will be discussing the popular wood species used for floor manufacturing.

Red Oak

Red Oak is one of the most popular forms of wood flooring species for its hardness and durability. The graining in the planks ranges from moderate to heavy. While it is not much different from white oak, it mostly has reddish and pinkish shades and since most people like those colours, they like red oak. Also, it is very economical which makes it affordable for a majority of people

White Oak

White oak more or less has the same hardness rating as red oak. It also has moderate to excessive graining which is really helpful in hiding scratches and kes the beauty of the floor intact. You can find white oak in grey, brown and golden shades at very reasonable prices. It is one of the most popular form of wood effect flooring in the world.


Among the more popular choices, there is American cherry and Brazilian Cherry. While both of these wood species have a very elegant graining which looks beautiful on all plank sizes, there are a few differences. Brazilian cherry is harder and is, therefore, more popular comparatively. It is more reddish in colour whereas American cherry has a natural looking warm colour which darkens over time.


Maple is a more modern choice compared to some of the above. It has a high hardness rating and comes in lighter colours. Maple has very low to moderate graining and mineral streaks which resemble lines, patterns and sometimes small marks looking like eyes called “bird’s eye.” Maple is usually yellowish in colour but come in other grades and with different grains too.


Brazilian and American Walnut are quite different even if they have some similarities. The former is very expensive due to smooth graining, darker colours, low shrinkage and strength, its hardness rating is three times that of red oak. This species also turns darker with time. American Walnut aka Black Walnut comes in a variety of colours from pale yellowish to dark brown. It is much softer and sometimes has prominent straight and curvy graining.


If you need a softer floor then there is no choice better than a floor made of pine wood. It has one of lowest hardness rating however that varies from species to species when it comes to pine. Though pine is usually used in the country and not in urban settings due to its instability under extreme duress, it is still quite popular.


Although bamboo is technically grass and not wood, it is often harder than most wood floors which qualifies it for consideration as a hardwood flooring species. Its hardness rating also depends on the quality of bamboo, therefore, it varies from soft to very hard, and the price is similarly affected by the price. Once you have bamboo, however, you can rest assured that it will stay in a good condition for years to come.

Kitchenbathguides; An Ultimate Guide

Having a house is truly a blessing. As a matter of fact due to the financial problems, many people have to work hard day and night to get a house of their own. Whether you live in a rented or own house, you have to take care of its maintenance. You must make sure that everything is functioning well. Everything you have in the house adds beauty and value. The kitchen and bathroom are the most important places in a house. So make sure that everything in the kitchen and bathroom is perfect. You can get information from Kitchenbathguides to make these places aesthetically beautiful and convenient.



As we have discussed already that a kitchen and bathroom are the most important places of a house. These places must be convenient to use. You should make sure that the kitchen and the bathroom of the house are clean as it is necessary for hygiene. Besides the hygiene factor, people pay more attention towards the construction of bathroom and kitchen. They prefer to install the best water tabs and other items to make it look more beautiful.

In the kitchen, people install many things to make it more comfortable to use. They install different yet beautiful lights, cabinets and water tabs, etc. Similarly, people try to install every best bathroom item like the sink, water tabs and showers, etc.

So if you are thinking to make your bathroom more beautiful by installing the best showerheads, then this article is worth reading. Though there are numerous types of shower heads available in the market but you have to choose one according to the size and style of your bathroom.

Following are the types of showerheads you can install in your bathroom:

  • Hand Held Shower Heads:

The first type of shower head we are going to discuss is the handheld shower head. It is best for the family bathroom as you can easily give a bath to your baby and the pet. In addition it makes it easy to wash your hair. It is available in different models and can be fixed in the existing plumbing.

  • Standard Shower Head:

The standard shower head is easy to install and replace. You do not need to call the plumber to fix it. As a matter of fact, you do not need to do the extra plumbing as well. If you want to change it then just screw the old one and install the new one.

  • Body Spray And Spa Shower:

If you want to experience the hydrotherapy spa treatment, then you do not need to go the spa as you can recreate this at your bathroom too. Just install the body spray and spa panels to enjoy the hydrotherapy.

  • Rain Showers:

Rain showers are also called top mount shower heads. These are stylish and give your bathroom a new look. These showers are best for a huge bathroom renovation. Moreover, if you are constructing a new bathroom, then the rain shower are best.

You can read www.kitchenbathguides.com/best handheld shower head ultimate reviews to decide which showerhead would be best for your bathroom.