Stay lean and fit with the 30 day Paleo Plan

The 30 day Paleo Plan for men and women is for all age groups regardless of your present body weight and belly size. You can take up this program and experience miraculous results by the last day. Here are a few simple tips for staying in the program and following the guidelines without falling into the temptations of unhealthy foods and lifestyle. Initially you may find it difficult and boring for a few days, but trust your 30 day Paleo Plan to give you the best of body shape and mould you into that perfect figure you have always dreamt of.

Planning your 30 day Paleo Plan

Scheduling is the key to your success with the 30 day Paleo Plan. If you can’t plan for the whole program start with the first week. This needs to be split into your breakfast, lunch and supper. If you are tempted to have in between meal snacks opt for fruits and salads instead.

  • Breakfast is the foundation of your 30 day Paleo Plan. Don’t miss it. Since you can’t go for wheat or rice you can choose sweetbread or egg omelets with veggie toppings. Once you have prepared your omelet, top it with kale, lettuce cabbage broccoli or shredded carrots. Garnish with pepper powder and onion. Eat a couple of bananas to keep your digestive organs in good condition. Have your breakfast as early as possible.
  • Your lunch time at 12:00 is best to keep your energy levels up. You can opt for lean poultry, beef, lamb or pork. Vegetable toppings will help keep your healthy body weight and enjoy good meat also. Many people choose to eat sea foods for lunch. If you have such inclinations you can opt for halibut or tuna. Cod and eel are also healthy bet to burn unhealthy fat and develop lean muscles.
  • Super is the time when you spend time and eat with your family. Start with oyster or shell fish. Hamburger or lean pork can be the main course food. Moderate levels of gin (couple of pegs) should give you the high and keep you from getting too shaky. Rockfish or mullet fry in olive oil can be the dish along with the main course.

As you see this i just a day’s plan. You can choose to replace the individual ingredients with any other ones specified in the 30 day Paleo Plan. You need to keep changing the menu regularly to keep your interest growing. Physical workouts are must if you really wish to burn that extra fat accumulated in your belly and thighs. You can choose your workout plan according your day’s schedule.

Energizing your body with 30 day Paleo Plan

Drink plenty of water and eat fruits like watermelon, banana,    strawberry, grapes and plums. Avoid fruit juices. You need to consume moderate levels of avocado, walnuts and cashews to add healthy fat into your diet. Avoid dairy products, grains and legumes while you are on your 30 day Paleo Plan.