Website Optimization-what is this and why to get this done?

Website optimization is nothing but optimizing website in such a way that the websites become faster, helps in increasing traffic of the website, and this also helps in returning investments. It makes the website competitive. When one uses website optimization, the website get a new look and there are many other things which when are implemented in a website makes it more responsive and gives customers a better user experience. In addition to this, mobile has brought a rapid change in the market and if your customer opens your website in mobile and is not satisfied with the service, then this is the time for you to think on the optimizing your website.

Why website optimization matters so much?

Nearly 57% of the users leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to get loaded, among which about 80% do not return, hence website optimization is something which matters a lot. Amazon, a leading e-commerce company increases their revenue by 1% for the 100MS of website improvement using by optimizing website whenever required. If such a big business is relying on website optimization, so one should start thinking of it and as Netaji Bose once said that action speak are more effective than words. Let the world know your website and its power.

Tips on website optimization:

  • Initially, HTML code optimization is necessary. One should not copy and paste from some other application because this will cause the website pages to load slowly.
  • Image optimization is also important for website optimization because if you use images of very high resolution, then the website will take much more time to load, hence one should check the images before using them.
  • Try using text instead of images, and this is one of the most important point in website optimization because this will help you to get through SEO and bring your website into light.
  • It will be great if you remove code which is not required and if you reduce duplicate entries, and remove all the whitespaces.
  • Try avoiding bad request for better website optimization.

These are some tips and tricks which may help you with website optimization and will help you to get more users to your website. There are many other things to be kept in mind, use Google to know more tips to know about optimizing website.


Every day more people are getting engaged with the internet and this brings a lot of opportunities for small businesses who are striving to make their market online too, there are many other opportunities to make a mark in the internet world using digital marketing, social media marketing but above all, website optimization is required if you want your customers to come back repeatedly to use your services. Website optimization not only improves performance of your website but also helps in using Search Engine Optimization and other similar features easily to upgrade the standard of your website because we know that customer satisfaction is the priority for you.


What actually an SEO Company DO for your Business Success

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies help client companies get business by Creating Content, Building up good links and analyzing results, But this doesn’t  finish here there are loads of work that an SEO company does. It’s primary focus is to give better visibility to its clients on SERP(Search Engine Result Page), but that’s not all there is a lot more work involved such as :

The Study, Audit and Analysis

Research, audit and analysis are the stepping stones of what and SEO Company does. The way every client is different so are their requirements. There is no set rule that can be applied to all the business . Each client is dealt differently because what worked for one client might not work for the other client hence proper research, audit and analysis is done to give the best to each client.

Studying the Keywords

Keywords are carefully picked by the SEO companies keeping the business requirement in mind. SEO companies pull up words that are not heavily targeted by the competitors. This increases the visibility for the client website.

Applying Analytical Analysis

Google being the biggest search engine the SEO companies mostly note the past performance about On Page SEO of a site. Through google analytics SEO specialists look for the trends (positive or negative) and looks for the scope of improvement.

Linking to De-Linking

Where there was a trend that was observed to add thousands of links or back links to increase the rank order on SERP is no more an ethical practice and SEO Kolkata strongly condems all such unethical practice. In fact google has now started penalizing the sites for keeping or being associated with so many links . It makes the website or the webpage appear spammy.

Auditing the Site

As an SEO company it is important for them to do a site audit where they check the URL structure, title tags, loading speed of the web page, internal links, meta description tags, images and the content, contact link etc.This kind of an audit is done because it becomes the deciding factor for conversions and profit.

Redesigning the Web Page

After the SEO firms finish their audit they might feel the need to redesign the entire website for the client if the website is outdated, if the cost of setting up is more than redesigning or  if it has poor code

Link Removal

If the link profile analysis says that there are too many unwanted links, links that are corrupt or links that could lead to penalty such as being banned by the search engines then in such a scenario the SEO firms remove those links from the client website.

Link Building

Not all links are harmful and it is good for sites to have some links so that can help prove vital in going up the ranking order and increase the visibility. Hence SEO firms look for those links and add them to their client site using white hat technique.

Link Monitoring

It is the job of the SEO firms to keep monitoring the links so than no unwanted link gets linked with the client website. This can help combat negative SEO attack. Which could be harmful for the client website.

The best SEO agency in Kolkata  is always on its toes, ready to make new clients while holding on to the existing clients with pure client delight. SEO firms are there to help but many SEO firms have got involved in mal practices and so the client must be very careful while choosing an SEO firm.