Key Cutting Machines used by Locksmith Sacramento CA

Key cutting is a process which involves precision work, patience and the persistence for achieving the precision. The Locksmith Sacramento CA has mastered these skills with the help of advanced key cutting machines and his own skill and experience. You can depend on the services for getting new and replaceable keys for you homes, offices, business centres and automobile door and ignition locks.  The machine used by most of the locksmiths is portable in nature. This has a compact design and multiple types of mountable cutting assemblies. The locksmith will use these assemblies, depending the nature and application of the key being cut. He also deploys many types of mechanical and electronic tools for giving final shape to the cut key.

Locksmith Sacramento CAMany of the modern key cutting machines give options for attaching additional accessories and components like the responders, sensors, electronic chip parts etc. By installation of these components, they key can be made compatible to most advanced types of electro mechanical, electromagnetic,  electronic  and smart locks with inbuilt computer chips.

Programming the key by Locksmith Sacramento CA

  • For programming a specific smart key, the coding has to match with the code embedded into the lock. In some cases the locksmith will be able to extract the programming code from the lock. Then he can write the code in the key accordingly. This process helps in solving the problem in a simple manner.
  • In other cases the original program from the lock may not be available as it got corrupt. In such cases the Locksmith Sacramento CA can erase the original program from the lock and write new sets of code for the key as well as the lock. This process could be time consuming, but it can produce reliable results for you.
  • Similar procedures can be followed for electronic locking system which uses specific combination of key codes.

Mechanical key Cutting from Locksmith Sacramento CA

Purely mechanical key cutting machines are made of milling cutter, clamps, handles, switch and controls, lighting, tracing and adjustment control, speed control parts etc.

  • The machine can produce the best of results when the basic electric components function efficiently. The motor is the key element which determines the efficiency of the machine and speed of cutting. By using an efficient motor the machine can keep working for extended hours, until the expected accuracy is achieved in the key cutting.
  • The eccentric is one of the major components of key cutting machine. This is used for setting the depth of each cut, its length, shape and other parameters on the key. Stem diameter of the key ahs to match with the core parts of the mechanical lock precisely. Once this task is achieved, the rest of key cutting process becomes a simple and streamlined task.

Combination Key Cutting from Locksmith Sacramento CA

Locksmith Sacramento CAIn most of the cases the keyed combination locks are padlocks, deadlocks or horizontal combination locks for windows and doors. The process of key cutting for such locks is completely personalized according to needs by the Locksmith Sacramento CA.